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Poolmaster, Inc. is a Sacramento-based manufacturer of aftermarket pool and spa products, offering six lines: Backyard & D├ęcor, Games & Toys, Floats, Inflatables, Maintenance, and Swim & Dive Gear. Founded in 1958, they have been providing quality, service, and reliability for over 50 years.



Swimline expanded its product line in 1990 by founding International Leisure Products, which included pool toys, lounge chairs, games, goggles, and inflatable fun floats. Swimline acquired HydroTools Inc., allowing them to offer traditional pool accessories like leaf skimmers and pool filters. Swimline introduced Solstice Watersports, which expanded to include docks, boats, kayaks, and inflatable paddle boards.



GAME, founded in 1988, focuses on providing innovative products and experiences for customers. Starting with the Fiesta Bowl, the company aims to be the leader in continuous innovation and production, transforming ordinary items into unique and remarkable experiences.

Main Access


Main Access offers high-end products at affordable prices, expanding over the years to include new and exciting outdoor products. They constantly develop new products to stay ahead of the curve and provide exceptional customer support and service. They are excited to showcase their latest offerings in stores and are committed to providing exceptional outdoor fun experiences.

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