Water Testing

Quality Brands for Trusted Results



Taylor has been a top producer of products for assessing the chemistry of water for more than 90 years. No matter the application—industrial, commercial, or residential—Taylor is dedicated to provide the best equipment and first-rate customer support.



To keep your pool and spa water clean and balanced, AquaChek offers a comprehensive line of premium test strips and meters. The quick, simple, and accurate method to test your pool and spa is with AquaChek test strips, which are trusted by homeowners, experts, and service personnel.



LaMotte has been a dedicated pioneer in offering top-notch tools and advice for water analysis since 1919. Today, they manufacture the widest range of portable test equipment, and they keep focusing on meeting your unique demands by providing dependable products and first-rate technical assistance to ensure your pleasure.



Palintest creates water analysis technology that daily protect people all over the world. Their equipment enables people to confidently make decisions regarding water quality by providing equipment for water quality monitoring and disinfection control. Their guaranteed technologies, are applied internationally in a range of applications to safeguard both people and the environment.

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