How to Clean a Cartridge Filter

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How to Clean a Cartridge Filter

Turn off the Pool Pump and Depressurize Tank

Any time maintenance is needed for the filter make sure the pump is turned off. This will prevent damage from occurring to the pool system. In addition, remove the air from the filter system. Turn the air relief valve slowly to remove any extra air from the system, depressurizing the tank.

Remove and Inspect Cartridge Inside Filter Tank

After the tank is depressurized, remove the latching mechanisms holding the filter tank together. If usure how to open, check the filter’s owner’s manual. Remove the top of the filer and carefully remove the cartridge. Inspect the cartridge for any damage, if there are cracks or tears it is time to replace the cartridge.

Clean Pool Filter Cartiridge

Using a hose nozzle, spray down the cartridge with a garden hose. Spray cartridge thoroughly, getting between the cartridge pleats.

If the cartridge is dirty, use a cartridge filter cleaner. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions, letting the cleaner sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with water.

If it has been a while since the last cleaning the cartridge can become covered in algae, calcium, sunscreen and other contaminants. When this happens, soak the cartridge in a cleaning solution overnight. In a 5-gallon bucket mix cleaner or muriatic acid with water and let cartridge soak. Then rinse the cartridge thoroughly with water before putting it back into the filter tank.

In addition to the cartridge, check the O-ring on the filter tank. If it is still in good condition, apply some lubricant to maintain. However, if the O-ring is worn out or dry rotted, replace it.

Replace Cartridge and Re-pressurize Tank

Once the cartridge is clean, return it back into the filter tank and secure it in place. Relatch the filter top, making sure the clamps are closed correctly. Then turn the system back on and open the air relief value to release any excess air. Keep the valve open until a steady stream of water sprays from it. Check the pressure gauge to make sure the filter is in the normal pressure range.