How to Clean a D.E. Filter

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How to Clean a D.E. Filter

Turn off the Pool Pump and Depressurize Tank

Any time maintenance is needed for the filter make sure the pump is turned off. This will prevent damage to the pumping as well as the multiport valve.
Once the pump is turned off, switch multiport valve to the “backwash” position and attach the backwash hose to the waster port. Then turn the pump back on allowing the filter to backwash for about one to two minutes, or until the water looks clear. Next, turn the pump back off again and open the air relief valve, depressurizing the filter tank. Finally, remove the drain plug from the filter tank and let the water drain out.

Remove D.E. Manifold

After the tank is depressurized, remove the latching mechanisms holding the filter tank together. If usure how to open, check the filter’s owner’s manual. After the filter tank is open, remove the filter manifold and take out all the grids or fingers.

Rinse and Soak Filter Grid / Fingers

Spray down the manifold and grids/fingers with a garden hose, making sure the to clean all the debris (including D.E. powder). If the manifold is extra dirty, use a D.E. filter cleaner to help remove the debris (read manufacturer’s instruction on how to apply).

In case the D.E. filter cleaner is not helping remove the debris, make a muriatic acid solution and allow filter manifold to soak. Use a clean container and dilute one-part muriatic acid to 20 parts water, ensure the manifold will be completely covered by solution. Allow it to soak overnight, then rinse manifold with water after it soaks.

Put Filter Back Together

Once the filter manifold and the grids/fingers are clean, rinse out the filter tank with a garden hose. Then proceed to place the complete filter manifold back into the filter tank, and relatch the filter top, making sure clamps are closed correctly.

Add Fresh D.E. Powder

Refer to the filter’s owner’s manual to determine the right amount of D.E. powder to add. Mix the amount of need D.E. powder with enough water to make a slurry. Make sure the pump is running and pour slurry mixture directly into the pool skimmer. Allow the pool pump to run for at least 30 minutes to let D.E. powder distribute evenly over filter girds or fingers.